International Students Career Services

2022-09-15 17:22

Career Consultation Services

On-campus Career Mentors

Each school department will offer its own career advisor. With high levels of academic experience, these advisors are open-minded and passionate about student success and mentorship. Additionally, these advisors also provide career counseling and career planning as well as advice regarding overseas study and study abroad programs. Their expertise extends across a variety of fields. You can choose the appropriate career mentor for your department to suit your needs.

Follow this link to schedule an appointment with a school mentor → Website "NCU Career Consulting Services"


Business Career Advisor

Senior managers and outstanding alumni from various industries are invited to share their expertise on personal career planning, resume writing, interview skills, overseas employment, business innovation, entrepreneurship, etc. The appointment instructions are as follows:

  1. Enter the registration page and read about the appointment process.
  2. Download and fill out the "Advice Request Form". Please have your resume ready.
  3. After preparing the above information, please combine the consultation request form and your resume into one PDF file.
  4. Return to the registration page, click "I want to register" and upload the file from step 2.
  5. If you complete the registration, we will contact you via email and follow up with consultation arrangements.

Follow this link to make an appointment with a business career advisor→ Website "Business Career Advisor"




Campus Recruitment Information

The campus recruitment activities can be divided into three parts: corporate briefings, corporate exhibitions, and corporate visits, which take place from March to May of each year. Every year, National Central University invites nearly 100 company representatives to introduce themselves and their current positions to students via corporate exhibitions or visitation events. For corporate visitations, students from the school sign-up to visit specific companies. The purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the nature of the work, environments, and job opportunities from across a variety of industries.

Corporate Briefing:

  1. The first two weeks of March each year, from Monday to Friday.
  2. The venue will be posted on the Website"NCU campus recruitment activities"

Method of Registration:

  1. Please use the student's portal account to enter the Website https://cis.ncu.edu.tw/ActivitySys/activitys/, click "確定報名" to complete the information.
  2. After successful registration, please bring your student ID card to the information desk to sign in. 

Note: The activities are mainly conducted in Chinese. Availability of English introductions varies by company.


Campus Recruitment Exhibition

  1. One day event, the third Saturday or Sunday of March in each year.
  2. The venue will be posted on the

Method of Registration: There is no need to register separately. On the day of the event, bring your student ID card to the student registration desk to sign in.

Note: The activities are mainly conducted in Chinese. Availability of English introductions varies by company.


Corporate Visits

  1. Every year from April to May.
  2. The venue will be posted on the NCU Career Center Event Registration System in March of each year.

Method of Registration:

  1. Please go to the NCU Career Center Event Registration System, click on event registration, and select the name of the session you wish to attend.
  2. After successful registration, pay a deposit of 200 NT to the career development center office before the deadline.

Note: The activities are mainly conducted in Chinese. Availability of English introductions varies by company.



Information Regarding Internships at Taiwanese Companies

The Student Career Development Center Academic Office is responsible for coordinating the internships for National Central University students. It is called the NCU off-campus internship program. We lay out relevant methods for attaining off-campus internships as well as review and screen the internship institutions to ensure that your rights and interests are respected. In addition to being provided with internship opportunities across a variety of fields, you are expected to understand the workplace environment in advance and acquire practical experience to increase employment opportunities. To learn about the NCU off-campus internship program and other internships, you can visit the NCU off-campus internship program website.