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2022-11-24 09:45

Location: New Taipei City


We are looking for a RAMS intern to join our Wanda Line Project dynamic team in Alstom Taiwan.


What are my responsibilities?

•Translate and manage the technical documents and reports

•Assist RAMS related activities per project life cycle


What do I need to qualify for this job?

•Interested to work in Transportation/ Railway Industry

•Undergraduate or graduate students major in electrical, civil, mechanical, aerospace engineering or related field

•Good written and verbal communication skills in both Chinese and English

•Attention to detail, consistent adherence to rules/process

•Open mind, proactive attitude to learning

•Team players who like to work in international cultures, also with independent thinking


What will I be able to learn?

•Familiar with international safety, reliability or risk standards (e.g. Mil-Std-882, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, IEC61508, etc.)

•Practical experience in safety, reliability and risk analyses (e.g. FMECA, FTA, RBD, HAZOP etc.)

•Able to participate in Project Life Cycle

•On-job training, assist in System Assurance activities

•Develop communication skills dealing with different parties

•Develop good problem-solving skills


* Working Hours Per Week: 20 hours / 2.5-3 days


Major Requirement科系要求

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or other related field土木工程、機械工程、航太工程或其他相關科系


Language Ability語言能力要求

Fluent in Chinese Speaking/Listening/Writing/Reading中文: 聽說讀寫 - 精通

Fluent in English Speaking/Listening/Writing/Reading   英文: 聽說讀寫 - 精通


If you’re interested, please apply it through Alstom page on 104 or our official website.


104 徵才網頁

RAMS Intern - Wanda Project 系統保證實習生 (萬大線專案)|法商阿爾斯通運輸|新北市-104 人力銀行



RAMS Intern - Wanda Project (alstom.com)