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【Acer】2022 暑期實習計畫 –Become a Part of Our Story

2022-02-23 06:26

宏碁屹立市場超過 40 年,是一個國際化的自有品牌公司,全球員工超過 7,000 名,營運遍及世界超過 160 個國家,在台灣設有研發中心,且在泛歐、泛美和泛亞均設有區域性的營運總部。歡迎有著改變世界熱情的你/妳加入宏碁,一同寫下屬於宏碁的故事。


宏碁暑期實習計畫將結合Project Humanity,以人類福祉與希望融入企業核心價值。你將會參與不同的專案、多元化的課程、活潑有趣的參訪,讓你們能夠將學校的知識與實務工作有效的連結在一起,並有機會及早確立未來職涯發展的方向,也在實習過程中能夠一窺宏碁獨有的多元文化 !


At Acer, we believe it only takes one explorer to change the world. And we believe that with the right tools, everyone has the potential to be that explorer.


This summer join us! Become a Part of Our Story.✨


Our interns work on projects that matter – and your team will rely on your skills and insights to help deliver those projects to market. You’ll get the opportunity to work on real projects and have fun also challenges along the way. This is your chance to show your skills, work on cutting-edge technology and be built up by our tailored made training.


📮Registrations: From now on ~ 2022/3/27

😉Internship Period: 2022/7/4~2022/8/31

🔍Apply: https://reurl.cc/akMqA3

📺Video: https://reurl.cc/Z7p1pa


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